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  • Return on Investment Degrees at UGA

    The return on investment for a UGA degree is substantial for both graduatates and the Georgia economy.

    Annual Salary Contribution of UGA Resident Alumni

    The 156,078 UGA alumni living in Georgia contribute $10,454,767,357 in annual salary to the Georgia economy.

  • Research Resources

    Ranked as the 84th school in total research spending in 2012, UGA spent just over $245 million dollars on research last year divided between 27 departments. Over half of that was funded by federal agencies.

    Real World Solutions

    With 114 patent applications filed, nationally and internationally, much of the research done here is being turned into real world solutions. Below you can see some of the areas where research is producing the most results.

  • Administrative Resources

    More than a quarter of the students that graduate from UGA each year are receiving a graduate degree. Check out the earning potential for each in the Academic section.

    Educate & Connect

    The University employs a diverse range of people, with only a quarter of the staff being faculty. This speaks to the true reach of the University as a whole. It serves not only to educate but to connect people from all over the world to encourage progress outside of the classroom as well.